Steve Adamyk Band – Desecrate (Review)

I really don’t know that much of the Ottawa underground garage music scene. Besides attending the Gaga Weekend Day show which is sort of close to what the Ottawa Garage scene is like.
I couldn’t help but be curious to what Steve Adamyk Band sounds like.
He plays in a wide sort of bands, one being the Sedatives who I saw play at Ottawa Bluesfest 2009. (This being a funny photo I took of him).
It is not just Steve in the band, he has Male Nurse (who is covered on this site for mostly the acoustic side of his music), Emmanuel Sayer & Dave Williams who plays in the Sedatives and other Ottawa bands helping him out.
Descerate is a 7″ digital EP and there are three tracks.
I was very surprised the title track is 55 seconds.
While Ivy Can’t Wait is 1:50 minutes and Unglued is 2:22 minutes.
I actually like this digital 7″.
I was worried it would be loud in your face but its very poppy alterna-punk.
Definitely was surprised with Desecrate being fun and catchy.
It sounds very reminiscent to The White Wires music since Ian is in Sedatives.
Listen to:

  • Desecrate
  • [audio:]
  • Ivy Can’t Wait
  • [audio:]
  • Unglued
  • [audio:]

If I rate this, it would be a 8/10
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