Steven Page leaves BNL

What a shocker!
Steven Page left the band The Barenaked Ladies.
The band won’t be the same without him.
Its due to last summer’s drug charges that Steven Page face while the band was promoting the album Snacktimes! (which happened to be a children’s album).
I really love their song Brian Wilson from their first album Gordon.
Which I still have the original album cover. Makes me wonder how much its worth now?

Was such a turning point into liking this band. I wasn’t fond of their songs Enid and If I Had A $1,000,000.
But something about Brian Wilson just got to me and probably in a wink took them seriously.
That song was not like their novelty sound as previously mentioned.
Over the years they challenged alot of obstacles in the American market.
They kept going at it and still being Canadian darlings when releasing a string of albums.
When they released their second album, everyone had high expectations and they had the sophomore  curse.
But they kept on going with alot of shows which I am still to this day haven’t even attended a single show of theirs.
It wasn’t until their song One Week they actually broke it big and was #1 in the US. Ironic enough it spent One Week at #1. 
I was happy they made it big in the USA with Stunt, it is still their best album.
After that I just lost focus to what was happening with them. 

I wonder what kind of solo stuff Steven Page will be doing?
Probably darker stuff that isn’t BNL style.

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