Still Life Still – Girls Come Too (CD Review)

Still Life Still is a Toronto band that I just noticed and having to seen them three times in 2009.
They finally released their debut album on the Arts & Crafts label.
Having seen them on August 20th, I got a copy of their CD.
The band consist of

  • Aaron Romaniuk
  • Josh Romaniuk
  • Eric Young
  • Derek Paulin
  • Brendon Saarinen-Pernar

Listening to this album I amazed to what this bands has achieved in their sound.
I didn’t know the band has been together for ten years but they feel very new.
I like this gapless album which feels like they are telling a story about being teenagers.

I know there will be some naysayers will slam them for sounding like Broken Social Scene.
Well considering Kevin Drew did produced some tracks for the album.
The fact remains that I enjoy this album and don’t care about the similarities.
I wasn’t around when Broken Social Scene started out. I am a late fan bloomer with Broken Social Scene and they are already popular and selling out shows everywhere in Canada.
With this band, I can start see the progress of starting out from the bottom up.
I really want this band to succeed.

OK on the album its very fun, catchy and it does sound like old Broken Social Scene during the You Forgot It in People era.
But they have more a experimental sound which in live shows you can see Josh use a weird instrument called theremin.
You have the fun energetic tracks of Danse Cave, Flowers and A Wreath, Pastel and Knives In Cartoons which just makes you want to dance like crazy.
Then you have mellow tracks like Kid and Planets.
Catchy ones are Danse Cave, Lite Bright Lawns, Pastel, T-Shirts (I would turn red if I accidentally sing that song out loud and have people look funny at me) and Wild Bees.
Favorite tracks:

  • Danse Cave
  • Flowers and A Wreath
  • Lite Bright Lawns
  • Neon Blue
  • Pastel
  • Planets
  • Knives In Cartoons
  • T-Shirts
  • Wild Bees (Hidden track is Aid)

Also you should get their EP and listen to the song 80s on TV, wished it was on their debut album.
Overall its a great debut album by Still Life Still.
Here is the official music video of Pastel



  1. jason

    yo ming, thanks for linking us. glad you enjoyed this album as much as i did. especially enjoyed seeing the live clip you posted – hadn’t even thought of looking, and man do they have a good sound live!

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