Style of Sound’s Top 100 Influential Music Blogs

Check out the Top 100 Influential Music Blogs.
It’s no surprise that Pitchfork is #1.

This came as a surprise when I was check my stuff on my site.
Looks like Style of Sound did their Top 100 influential music blogs in the world.
If you want to know what they are, click here.
This is how they compiled their list:

The Style of Sound researched thousands of music blogs to pinpoint the top 100 influential blogs in the world. Blogs were compiled from first hand knowledge, others were discovered through countless hours of following blogrolls, and a selection hand-picked from network publisher listings.

I was kind of surprise that this site is in the Top 100.
I feel like this site isn’t that influential with just photos of the shows I go there and the occasional reviews of EPs, albums and singles.
If you want to know where I came in, just click here.
I guess I should keep up the good work??
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