Suuns – Images Du Futur [Review]

I know this album came out on March 5, 2013.
Definitely one of my favorite albums to come out in 2013.
If you haven’t seen them live, you are miss out big time!
Finally I have the time to do a review.
Images Du Futur out on Secretly Canadian is the second album by the Montreal band.
I’ve been a big fan since their debut album “Zeroes QC“.

This is a far different album than expected.
There is less of Ben Shermie’s murmurs
Maybe I noticed that Liam and Joseph add in their vocals in songs like Edie’s Dream and Mirror Mirror.

The band has been compared/criticized to Clinic.
I wouldn’t really know since I never listened to their music. (Unless you tell me which of their album I should listen to?)
Images Du Futur (to me) seems to have sway away from that comparison.

The album starts off with a angst and claustrophobic heavy rock track “Power of Two”.
Is that a cowbell being used?
While 2020 has that crazy psych-rock feel with it’s crazy guitar riffs.
Mirror Mirror is my favorite track on the album.
Here is a blurb on the song:
“Mirror Mirror” departs from the frenzied earlier pace, decelerating to a lethargic drawl; the droning, almost tedious undertones are paid off with flurries of synthesized flute that announce the dawn of the dreamscape ahead.
Edie’s Dream is what the title says.
A experimental mellow dream-like rock tune.
Doesn’t this song make you want to have sex?
Also I know the lyrics goes “Facing Visions” but I keep singing as “They Say Visions”.
They did a new version of Bambi which is shorter and very synth.
Ends it off with Music Won’t Save You which is a haunting social commentary.

Overall I really love Images Du Futur.
Very different, smooth and sexy while listening to the whole album.

Best tracks:

  • Power of Ten
  • 2020 (WARNING: Music video may cause seizures!)
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Edie’s Dream

  • Sunspot
  • Bambi
  • Music Won’t Save You

I’d give Images Du Futur 10/10.
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