Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart @ The Blacksheep Inn [June 11, 2015]

This is the one show that I was very excited about.
A once in a lifetime musical event at the Blacksheep Inn.
It was the collaboration with Montreal’s Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart.
They just released their album back in April and it was a taste of what to expect in a live setting.
Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart @ The Blacksheep Inn
I have to say this was the most impressive show.
A little bummed that Suuns didn’t play any old material considering this is mostly with the collaboration with Jerusalem In My Heart.
I wanted to stand and dance but with the setting of the show, it was more of a sit down and enjoy it kind of show.
Intense and profound is all I have to say.
It is one of those collaboration that is not going to again (Maybe they will play at Pop Montreal in September)
Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart @ The Blacksheep Inn
Second band to perform was Montreal’s Technical Kidman.
Hadn’t seen them since last year and missed out a few weeks ago.
It was a great set of synth-electro-rock music.
Still reminds me of Hooray For Earth and lots of reverb vocals.
Technical Kidman @ The Blacksheep Inn
First band to perform was Scattered Clouds.
It’s like my third or fourth time seeing them perform.
They didn’t disappoint at all and they played a new song at the end of their set.
Scattered Clouds @ The Blacksheep Inn
It was a marvelous show!
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