Suuns – Zeroes EP (Review)

Going through the e-mails from various publicity/management artist.
This one just caught me by surprise.
It is the Montreal band Suuns (formerly known as Zeroes).
Kind of kicking myself that I missed their show in Ottawa around the spring time back when they were called Zeroes.
It features members of:

Apparently the band got signed to Secretly Canadian.
Their music is very indie minimalist rhythms alterna-rock.
They remind me of Women but without the fuzzy vocal distortion.
The EP is free to download.
Listening to the whole six track EP.
It has this lo-fi dark grungey guitar riff kind of feeling to it.
There is alot of British new-wave influence and doesn’t have that “Montreal-esque” sound.
Can’t wait for their full-length album which drops on October 12, 2010

Best tracks:

  • Disappearance Of The Skyscraper
  • PVC
  • Mudslinger
  • [audio:]
  • Arena
  • [audio:]
  • Optimist

If I rate it, it would be a 8/10.
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