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I Can’t Believe It’s Not – Joni Mitchell’s Blue

Attended the matinee portion of I Can’t Believe It’s Not at NAC Fourth Stage. Presented by Arboretum Festival, the 7 edition was no other than Joni Mitchell’s Blue. Joni fourth album which is highly regarded by critics and fans alike as one of her greatest albums to date. The brainchild of indie troubadour Jon Hynes, …

I Can’t Believe It’s Not: Talking Heads! [December 10, 2016]

Arboretum Festival presented the 6th edition of I Can’t Believe It’s Not which was totally sold out. This time it was The Talking Heads, with a 13-song live dance party celebration of inimitable new wave pioneers Talking Heads, featuring seminal tracks from Remain In Light, Speaking In Tongues, Fear of Music, ’77 and many more! Before …

Rich Aucoin, The Balconies, Gang Signs, Young Galaxy & Fevers @ Glowfair 2016

There was another festival/party that happened this past weekend in Ottawa. It was the block party called Glowfair that took place on June 17th and 18th. I was mostly there to check out the live acts that performed there. Definitely was a great time seeing Rich Aucoin, The Balconies, Gang Signs, Young Galaxy and Fevers.