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Sarah Bradley and Amanda Lowe

Sarah Bradley Sarah Bradley’s voice glows like a bonfire. Emerging as a formiddable new talent of the Franco-Ontarian music scene in the late 2000’s, she was immediately scooped up as the voice of emerging indie-electro band, FEVERS. The band enjoyed almost immediate acclaim for their ecstatic mix of sweet hooks, sophisticated arrangements, and driving rhythms. …

Catriona Sturton & Liz Stevens

Catriona Sturton “Hers is not a bombastic solo outing, but rather an emotional journey informed by her tender voice, bluesy guitar and raw, expressive harmonica” – Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen Sings like an angel, plays like a beast. Rock and roll lover of Heavenly and the heaviest blues. After learning to file harmonica reeds in …

Avec pas d’casque

Avec pas d’casque is back with Effets spéciaux, its fourth critically-acclaimed album, in which the group continues to hone its astro-folk sound. Their slow colourful lyrics and the soft, atmospheric blend of guitars, lap steel and keyboards give audiences a laid-back, mind-bending concert.