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Tasseomancy, Mega Bog & RAAS

Ottawa Showbox & Arboretum Festival present… Tasseomancy (Toronto experimental) tasseomancy.bandcamp.com Soft synths and crystalline harmonies merge hypnotically on ‘Dead Can Dance and Neil Young’, an invitation to “fade into folk song”. If folk song this is, it’s folk of great idiosyncrasy, where vocoded chorales provide atmospheric shading and alto-saxophones drift like cigarette smoke from a …

Snowblink and Erla Axelsdóttir @ Pressed [September 16, 2016]

Arboretum Festival presented a wonderful album release show by Snowblink at Pressed. They were promoting their third album Returning Current. Wonderful intimate and lovely show Snowblink puts on! Opening up the show was Erla Axelsdóttir. She plays in one-half of the band Foxtrott. Absolutely a wonderful set! Click below for more photos.