Talk Show – Touch The Ground EP [Streaming]

Today the London UK band Talk Show dropped the long awaited EP called Touch The Ground via Missing Piece Records.
An intense cool Brit post-punk electro-rock music.

About the EP from Talk Show:
“For this EP we wanted it to feel like a new version of the band,” says frontman Harrison Swan.
“Out with the old. We felt the only option we had was to be pretty ballsy and push ourselves way more than we had ever done previously.
We sacked off loads of material, and knew there was no going back. We made sure that it was still energetic and dynamic but with a different kind of take to it.

It’s why we started referencing a completely different pool of influences such as electronica and trip-hop. To be honest, it then just started to feel really natural and we ran away with it.

I’ve never had so much fun in this band, playing as this new version of who we are, with new songs, and new crowds, genuinely I love it.

I’ve just stopped caring what anyone else thinks about me or my band. That’s been the biggest thing I’ve taken from writing Touch the Ground.”

The band see Touch The Ground as a celebration of their decisions to be bold: “We thought if we scrap the old stuff, the new stuff better be fucking good otherwise we’re fucked,” Harrison says.

”On the final day I remember walking out and thinking that was the most fun I’ve ever had, and we’ve absolutely made the right decision and this is the direction we’re going in.
This is it now, this is where the train is heading and we’re not stopping.” Now the plan is to continue where they left off from the Hot Chip sessions, pushing for harder, louder, more industrial and dance floor-focussed music.

“That’s why it’s called Touch The Ground. I wanted it to be like when a sprinter is crouching and ready to start a race,” Harrison says, “it’s the start of something – rooted, but looking upwards”.

Touch The Ground gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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