TEKE::TEKE – Doppelganger [Music Video]

Recently the Montreal-based band TEKE::TEKE dropped the music video for Doppleganger.
The third single is taken from their upcoming second album called Hagata which comes out on June 9, 2023 via Kill Rocks Star.
Mellow pop-rock that is reminisced to the sweeping style from 60s & 70s Japanese music.

About the track by the members:
The original idea behind the main melody and groove of ‘Doppelganger’ was inspired by 60’s Okinawan music and then mixed with a melancholic vibe often found in Japanese pop ballads of the 70’s.

The lyrics Maya was then inspired to write tell the story of parallel lives, which reminded Sei of ‘The Double Life of Veronica’, a 1991 film by franco-polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski about that very topic that the band then watched together.
“That’s when we all decided to add some string arrangements (courtesy of fellow Montrealer, collaborator Guido Del Fabbro who signed the arrangements) and go for the Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Claude Vannier vibe.”
“Being of mixed Japanese and French-Canadian culture, I always feel like in some way I’m living two parallel lives… a big part of me is here in Canada, obviously, but another part of me is on the other side of the planet… this could be said about most of us in this band.” (Serge ‘Sei’ Nakauchi Pelletier)

To take the viewer through that side of their identity, Maya and Sei took their camera all over Kyoto, Kamakura, and Chiba – where they have family ties, on a recent trip to Japan and used those images along with some childhood footage of the band members to bring you through some of the places that shaped them.

Doppelganger gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.