Thanya Iyer – Slow Burn [Listen]

Today Montreal musician Thanya Iyer dropped the track called Slow Burn.
The second single is taken from the upcoming EP called Rest which comes out on August 24, 2022 via Topshelf Records.
A beautiful orchestral pop tune.

About the track:
Written during a period of profound burnout, the balladic “slow burn” explores songwriter Thanya Iyer’s growing self-awareness of her pace and how she was living her life before realizing her state of burnout.

Although initially not something she wanted to share publicly, Iyer grew into the song’s initial demo, coming to realize that it felt authentic to that feeling of just needing to move through. Performed over a sentimental piano passage backed with the atmosphere of a hazy string quartet, Iyer questions the unfairness of it all, singing “why can’t happiness be a straight line?”

At the song’s resolution, a swelling climax of piano and strings that mirror burnout coming to a head, Iyer ultimately closes “slow burn” with a ‘yes-and’ resolution, accepting her difficult state while simultaneously tending to it is the most any of us can do.

Slow Burn gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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