That Time I Shot: The White Wires Secret Show [May 16, 2010]

For most of you have known.
I am gone on vacation from September 1 – 10.
With that I’ve decided to do 10 days of “That Time I Shot” project.
Here is the first one which was originally posted on May 16, 2010.
The White Wires @ Kelp 16
Kelp Records was celebrating their 16 years in the Ottawa music scene.
They just had a big show at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Afterwards, I was told to go check out the White Wires secret show which took place on Victoria Island.
Don’t remember how I got there
But it was a show to remember.
Seeing the White Wires play in a U-Haul with a generator running.
Half-way through the generator blew out but was back on.
Lots of people dancing and moshing to their garage power-pop music.
The White Wires @ Kelp 16
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