That Time I Shot: Bruce Peninsula & Timber Timbre @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

This happened on February 9, 2009 at Zaphod Beeblebrox.
Wow how things has changed with this certain act which I will get into.
Starting off with Bruce Peninsula who was the headliner.
Bruce Peninsula at Zaphods
The band just released their debut album debut album “A Mountain Is A Mouth”.
From what I remembered and this probably is a funny story.
Apparently one of the members couldn’t come back into Zaphods because he was too rowdy.
But the band put on an exhilarating set of their folk rock music.
Seeing how big of a band could fit into that small stage.
Also brink and you miss Timber Timbre joining them.

Now here is something surprising, second band was Timber Timbre.
At that time he was just signed to Arts and Crafts and before getting sassed by Taylor with the photography :P.
You can say this was the last time he would be playing into smaller venues and going into bigger pasteur of mid-size venues, outdoor festivals, theatres, churches and etc.
I had to say this was my favourite of all his set because Jenny of ex-Ohbijou was accompanying him on violin.
He had that dark creepy persona during the set.
At that time it was mostly material from the self-titled album.
Dark, somewhat romantic and freaky folk-noir music.
Timber Timbre at Zaphods
Giant Hand who used to live in Ottawa, opened up the show.
Giant Hand at Zaphods
Click below for more photos.

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