The Acorn, Phèdre and Bosveld @ The Blacksheep Inn [October 23, 2015]

It was a wonderful night at The Blacksheep Inn.
Performing at the show was The Acorn, Phèdre and Bosveld.

The Acorn @ The Blacksheep Inn
The Acorn performed a wonderful set at the Blacksheep Inn. Still promoting Vieux Loup. The audience was a mix of enjoying while standing/dancing or sitting. They did play materials from No Ghost, Glory Hope Mountain and surprisingly enough a track from Pink Ghost which was Darcy. Caylie of Boyhood joined on stage and sang Dominion which is on Vieux Loup. Definitely a wonderful set.
Phèdre @ The Blacksheep Inn
The second act was Toronto’s Phèdre. They had a unique setup where they had visuals of Janet Jackson’s music video All For You and later becoming a zombie Janet. They performed a electro-dance pop set. I couldn’t help myself by dancing to their music.
Bosveld @ The Blacksheep Inn
Starting off the set was Ottawa’s Bosveld. It was a acoustic folk pop set. One of those set where everyone was so quiet.

This was one of those fun shows you had to be in attendance.
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