The Balconies/Clothes Make the Man @ Mavericks (Free Canada Day Show)

To top off my Canada Day 2010 with the various shows I went to see.
After watching the fireworks.
I headed up to Mavericks for another free show.
Playing at the show were:

Despite confusion on what time the doors open and what time the bands will play.
The show went off without a hitch.
Surprised there was alot of people coming in Mavericks after the fireworks.
The Balconies started off the set.
They always put on a fun wild set. In pouring of dedicated fans.
The band played two new tracks and they were very heavy rocking.
The Balconies @ Mavericks

Forgive me Clothes Make The Man, I only stayed for two songs.
But they were pretty rocking it live.
I didn’t know that the band used to be from Ottawa.
Forgive me for saying this, it would have been better if the Balconies were the headliners.
It would have been easy to stay for a whole set for Clothes Make The Man.
But I was getting really tired and having spent a whole day being outside.
Clothes Make The Man @ Mavericks
Overall this was a great show to end the Canada Day festivities.
Here are the rest of the photos.
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