The Belle Game @ The Rivoli [CMW 2012]

After seeing Snowblink, I headed up to The Rivoli at CMW 2012.
It was the Music BC showcase.
I was really surprised with the turnout for this showcase.
There was a lot of people, probably British Columbians ex-pats attending this and supporting their Province.
I was there to see The Belle Game.
The Belle Game @ The Rivoli

It’s been awhile since I last saw them play.
Since most of the members moved back from Montreal to Vancouver.
It was nice that they got to play to a full crowd.
Nice to see the band members increasing.
Nice blend of indie pop rock tunes.
Impressed with Shoulders & Turns which it went high energetic.
Ended it off with Sleep To Grow.
What a amazing set the band pulled off!
The Belle Game @ The Rivoli
Here are the rest of the photos.

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