The Darcys – Aja [Review]

This is the first album review of 2012.
It comes from Toronto’s The Darcys.
Aja (pronounced Asia) is their second album on Arts & Crafts.
From what I read that Aja and the self-titled album are part of a companion trilogy set.
Not sure what the themes are?
Aja is more of them interpreting Dan Steely songs.

Having released their self-titled album three months ago.
This comes to no surprise and quickness of the second album.
Aja consist of seven tracks.
The majority of the tracks are brand new and don’t remember hearing it live at their shows.
Aja, Deacon Blues, Home at Last and I Got The News are the tracks on the album that is long, epic and have that slow mood rock pace.
While Peg is a upbeat rock track.
The most talked about track on the album is their cover of Steely Dan’s Josie.
I don’t know what the original song sound like.
Their version is very haunting and has a touch of “The Darcys” sound.
There will be some people who can’t manage to listen to the longer tracks.
It is kind of complicated album to listen to for those who might have a short attention span.
I am just going to shoot this out, listening to Aja felt like they were channeling Radiohead.
Overall I enjoyed Aja and it is a solid album from a great underrated band.
Best tracks:

I’d give Aja 10/10.
The album is free to download on their site.
Check out Version 2 of Josie. (via CoS)
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