The Elwins – And I Thank You [Review]

2012 seems to have kicked off with a “POW” for The Elwins who have been a steady staple in the Toronto live music scene.
These guys are sure to be welcomed with open arms everywhere across Canada as their full-length debut album “And I Thank You” hits our awaiting ears and expanding fanbase.

The band is made up of for members:

  • Matt Sweeney
  • Travis Stokl
  • Feurd
  • Christopher Shannon

I got the chance to not only listen to the new tracks but also catch live shows and this album is sure to show Canadians, who don’t know The Elwins, what they’re missing!
The Elwins @ Avant-Garde Bar
“And I thank you” is 10 tracks filled with great indie pop rock tunes that hints on British mod sound, if you want, think of them as a poppy version of Young Rival, another great Canadian indie rock band.
Another band that pops into my head is Sloan.
Although most of their songs are under 2-3 min long, they leave us wanting more…more than 3 min is what I mean.
Nevertheless these guys are a good boost for the Canadian indie jolly pop rock scene and definitely deserve our “LIKES(y)”.
With ‘And I Thank You’, the Elwins have made a great indie pop rock and have established themselves as one of the better indie pop bands to come out of Canada this year.
Best tracks:

    • Come On Out
    • Stuck In The Middle (Not that cover)
    • Forgetful Assistance
    • On Your Doorstep
    • Are You Flying With A Different Bird?
    • Propinquity

    • I Miss You And I

    I’d give “And I Thank You” 9/10.
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