The Ghost Is Dancing – Battles On (Review)

I am going to do a full review for this album which I feel is going to go unnoticed for 2009.
I have to say has to be one of those great albums of 2009.
So you should buy or whatever to get this album.
Its Battles On by The Ghost Is Dancing.
After seeing them for the first time in Ottawa.
Popped the CD into my iPod and was totally blown away to how great this album is.
I can’t stop listening to the whole album.
Something about every track is worthwhile to listen to.
Then seeing them the second time which was in Toronto.
Where all the guys minus the girl of the band infamously take over their shirts and pants on the stage.
Point being, they are a great band to see live.

Now on to the album.

For me this album speaks to me to what is going on with my life at the moment and need to get my mind off it.
This album is what I need to listen to.

OK this album is full of great indie pop and rock tunes.
Hearing the beginning track Dream Of A Failed Architect.
It has this rocky epic intense feel.

There are two tracks which has catchy chorus which are Battles On and Rogues & Heroes.
This Thunder which is my favorite track of all has that great poppy feel.
Then you have a ballady track called Strange Times which gets to me when I listen to it.
The one stand out track being This  Thunder has to be Flashing Pictures which runs 8 mins, a epic of a pop and rock song.
Closes off with a catchy gentle intense pop song Without Friends.

With Chris Stringer who produced this album, you know its a excellent album since he done stuff with Ohbijou.
I’d recommend whoever reads this should definitely get this album.

Favorite tracks:

  • Dream Of A Failed Architect
  • Battles On
  • [audio:]
  • Rogues & Heroes
  • This Thunder
  • Stick Together
  • Strange Times
  • Flashing Pictures
  • Without Friends

If I rate this, it would be a 9/10.
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