The Jon Cohen Experimental – Behold [Review]

Hold The Fire Cover Art
For those who follow the Montreal band The Dears.
Feels like members who used to be in the band seem to leave and make their own band.
You may have noticed an ex-member named Jon Cohen.
He has his band called The Jon Cohen Experimental.
The band released an album called “Behold”.
Its ten track of indie pop-rock experimentation sound.
Don’t forget that Jon Cohen Experimental will be playing Ottawa on Jan 6th with JF Robitaille and Loon Choir.
For other cities across Canada and the USA check out the tour dates on his website.

There is a Ottawa connection on Behold since it was produced by Dave Draves.
With musical guests like:

  • Murray Lightburn from The Dears
  • Angela Desveaux
  • Elephant Stone
  • Krista Muir
  • Evan Cranley from Stars and Broken Social Scene
  • Liam O’Neil from The Stills

There is that BSS- sound in tracks in Hold The Fire and No More Videos Just Teasers.
To mellow acoustic track on Behold, which reminds me of a Elephant Stone song.
To rocky Montreal feel in Brain Pollution.
There is something on Lucky Number Seven that I can’t in head, more like a indie British alterna-rock style track.
To a mellow poppy sound on the last track Don’t Be The Cloud

Best tracks:

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