The Love Machine – Sorry My Dear [Teaser] + Submit Your Vine Video
On Sunday I got to be in The Love Machine‘s music video shoot for their song “Sorry My Dear”.
The music video is a “Vine” theme.
With that in mind, they want The Love Machine fans or the public to submit their Vine video.
For the details, check out the teaser.

If you don’t want to see the video.
Here is a written detail 😛
We want YOU to create your own vines for The Love Machine’s newest video – Sorry My Dear.
The first thing you need to do is follow this link to a special Dropbox Folder. Inside are all the goodies you will need to create your own segments which we will review. If we like…then there is a good chance it will make the final cut of the video!
Here is the Dropbox Link:

In the Dropbox folder you will find 33 Segmented clips of the entire song. We broke the song down into 6 second partitions and filmed each one. Now we want you to pick your favorite segment and re-create it any way you want. We also included the mastered song so you can think about the video as a whole and well….it makes for a nice gift too!

You’ll also notice that each clip has 3 seconds of quiet and 6 seconds of loudness! We wanted to make sure you recorded on the loud part but we also wanted to give you some time to cue yourself up. Make sure you practice and try to get it as rock solid as possible!

Get creative! Do something zany! We accept parodies of your favorite vines, stop motion whatever whatever!

Once you have your segment finished, don’t forget to tag them so we can see them.



Instagram photos from the shoot
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