The Love Machine – Sweater Weather (Review)

The Love Machine is a Ottawa band that I always cover on this site when they play their live shows.
After two EPs, one from 2005 and one from 2007.
They finally released their first full-length album called “Sweater Weather”.

For those not living in the Ottawa area, the band consist of:

  • Sean Prescott
  • Allan Gauthier
  • Jordan David
  • Michael Laing

They’ve been playing some of the songs on this album for over two years now*.
Seems like the whole band has gone through the indie gritty rock sound in tracks like Width Eyes,
They still maintain that pop rock catchy sing-along chorus in Love Is On Your Side, We Are Squirrel, and This Is Nuts and No Matter.
There seems to be a maturing growth in this album when you listen to It Was All Make Believe, Mr. Mr., Be A Path, No Matter and Sweater Weather.
Seems like Allan is sings predominantly in the album than Sean and David does.
But all of them are in equal terms within the band.
Overall I really like this album.
Sound is great and glad they finally released a proper full-length.
It was worth the wait considering hearing them live at various shows in Ottawa.
Best tracks:

  • Anniversaires
  • Width Eyes
  • It Was All Make Believe
  • Mr.Mr.
  • Be A Path
  • Love Is On Your Side
  • [audio:]
  • A Little Cursive in All Of Us
  • We Are Squirrels, and This Is Nuts
  • No Matter
  • Sweater Weather

If I rate this, it would be 8/10.
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