The Most Serene Republic @ Zaphods + Interview

It was a first of two nights of very popular shows I went on November 14th.
The first show I went was at Zaphod Beeblebrox.
Playing there were:
The Most Serene Republic
The Most Serene Republic @ ZaphodsThe Most Serene Republic @ Zaphods
Here is a live performance of them doing the rooster dance and going into the song Bubble Reputation.

The Wind Up Radio Sessions
The Wind Up Radio Sessions @ Zaphods

I’ve seen The Most Serene Republic alot and they just are a very fun band to see live.
They also never disappoint while attending to their shows.
Its been a great year for them since they released their third album ….And The Ever Expanding Universe (Which I think is one of their best to date).
There was a last minute replacement opener.
Because Meligrove Band was suppose to be the opener but due to some of the members having H1N1.
They got The Wind Up Radio Sessions to open up. I saw them play at the Avant Garde Bar in the summer.
The Most Serene Republic @ Zaphods
The Most Serene Republic played a mix of the new album and some from Population and Underwater Cinematographer.
Being alot of people were at the show, felt very hot and I shouldn’t be wearing alot of clothes.
Loved hearing Bubble Reputation which started off the set.
The band was very entertaining.
Adrian wore a CTV News top and someone in the audience yelled out Lloyd Robertson and he joked that he was on the guestlist.
While Emma said she likes Peter Mansbridge.
Adrian is a animated and colorful performer, the way he does crazy dance moves made the show very interesting.
Overall it was a fun show to be attending.
Surely the band truly loves playing in Ottawa.
The Most Serene Republic @ Zaphods
Here is a interview I did with Emma and Adam of the Most Serene Republic before the show.
It is a funny 15 minute interview about their music, touring and other stuff.

PS I will try to re-edit this entry.


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