The NewMusic is no more

I was reading this article on CBC’s website that CTVglobemedia axed the long running show The New Music.
I think its tragic that they cancelled it just to meet their demographics.
Catering to such crappy reality shows and making self made shows which I don’t care to watch.
Showing reruns of non music shows like The OC, Gossip Girls and Degrassi which I think isn’t really music related.
What happened to just showing music videos besides being shown in the late nights. They should just rename the channel.
Its probably the same issue in the USA when MTV don’t play music videos.

I never watched the show religiously but I watched the show on and off.
With the age of online media that we don’t really need to watch music videos on TV.
What made it good was the interviewing style they have done.
Also with trash tabloids on TV shown in our faces.
We don’t see the realism on singers and bands.
Seems that society now is mostly exploitive.

I remember vividly from The New Music when they interviewed Mary J.Blige around the late 90s.
This was before she had the “No More Drama” album.
Apparently she was really in a bad mood and someone got to her.
During the interview she was so angry, mean and hostile.

There is another episode I like which was either 2003 or 2004 when they did a 2 parter in Japan.
Back then I didn’t know but when I found it online the MUCH website.
I was in a Japanese pop music phase at that time and now I was like “Why didn’t I get into them before?”
It was Stars, Metric, Death from Above 1979 and I think Broken Social Scene with no Feist.
Such a great episode and seeing their real side when they are in a foreign country.

What makes The New Music so great is not just a typical “Let’s ask the musician typical questions”.
More like seeing what they will say or see their true colors on the tougher questions.
They go more in-depth with the artist.

Any chances people will make a petition against CTV killing what was a institution?
Or complain that Much isn’t playing any music videos.
Probably corporations are killing the music video stars.

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