The White Wires – WWIII [Review]

On July 31st, Ottawa’s favorite indie garage powerpop punk band The White Wires dropped their third highly anticipated album simply titled “WWIII”.
It’s 14 tracks filled with fun powerpop punk tunes.
Here is a blurb on the new album.
Starting out, we had a deliberate intention to make an album a little bit different than our previous two.
This time, the intention was to make a pop album. We wanted to make a record that had some dynamics, with lots of ups and downs. At the same time, we wanted to still have a lot of variety on the album from one song to the next.
I think these are some of our best songs yet.

In total with 14 tracks clocking at around 31 minutes.
Of course they just cut to the chase and make great indie garage power pop punk songs that doesn’t drag more than 2 minutes with the exception of Same Old Story which is at 3 minutes.
WWIII is very different from previous efforts.
Sounds like they are maturing on the lyric but still maintain their garage power pop punk sound and feel.

I hope this won’t be the last for the band.
With Ian and Luke focusing on other projects and Allie in the USA.
Of course they will be touring in promoting the album.
If they disband it would be devastating.

The one track that really stood out is Everywhere You Were.
It’s the way Ian sings about how he wants to be with his loved one when he is far from home.
I actually enjoy WWIII with its infectious guitars and drums playing and catchy lyrics that you can sing out loud.
Who says Ottawa music is boring?
The White Wires takes the boring out!

Best tracks:

I’d give this album 9.5/10.
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