The Wind Up Radio Sessions – Red Brick House (Review)

Its almost summer and there is a band that you should check out and recommend.
Its Ottawa/Montreal/UK band called The Wind Up Radio Sessions.
The band is consist of:

  • Marc Kiely
  • Dan Kiely
  • Matthew Lazenby

I mentioned Ottawa because I must have seen one of the members at a recent show which was Plants and Animals at Babylon or seen them walking around downtown Ottawa.
Anyways the band finally released a full-length album called “Red Brick House”.

I have seen the band live in Ottawa one being at Avant-Garde Bar with Pree and Loon Choir and Zaphod Beeblebrox with the Most Serene Republic.
Really nice guys in person.
Listening to the whole album, it has this easy breezy summer folky pop rock feel to it.
Remind me of listening to a Jack Johnson album.
Then you have two tracks which Matt sings which are Lazy Bee and Let Me Go that has this British sound.

Overall its a great album.
One of those albums you should take out while camping or relaxing at home or the backyard.

The band will be playing live in Ottawa at:
The Rainbow Bistro on May 28th
The Elmdale Tavern on June 19th

Best tracks:

  • Me and My Doe
  • In The Morning
  • Lazy Bee
  • Nairobi
  • Let Me Go
  • My Only Friend
  • Photocopies
  • Registration

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