The Wooden Sky with Evening Hymns and Lake Of Stew @ Black Sheep Inn

On November 27th I went to Black Sheep Inn again.
This time I went to see three different acts which were:

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It was a great night of music besides seeing The Wooden Sky various times.
This was a first time seeing two acts which were Evening Hymns and Lake Of Stew.
Lake Of Stew totally impressed me alot, music was entertaining and funny.
Also a first time seeing them play not on the Black Sheep Stage more like the floors of the Black Sheep Inn.
A great band to totally see live!

Second was Evening Hymns.
Totally amazing set.
I’ve heard some buzz surround him and the music he plays.
Very mellow and experimental.
I sense big things might happen for Evening Hymns.

Lastly it was The Wooden Sky.
The show was taped for CBC Radio.
Very surprised with the turnout, never knew their fanbase is growing
Sang mostly from the new album “If I Don’t Come Home You’ll Know I’m Gone”
They surely got people dancing during their lively rock set.
Faovrite was when they sang Oh My God and people sang the lyrics so loud. So ya it was “OH MY GOD!” moment.

Here is a live video of them singing North Dakota


  • When Lost At Sea
  • (Bit Part)
  • My Old Ghost
  • Angels
  • Call If You Need Me
  • Darker Streets Than Mine
  • This Bird Has Flown
  • Oslo
  • The Wooden Sky
  • A.G.
  • When We Were Young
  • Something Hiding For Us In The Night


  • Oh My God (It Still Means A Lot To Me)
  • The Late King Henry
  • North Dakota

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