The Acorn + Ohbijou + Sleeping Pilot @ Barrymore’s Music Hall

December 12, 2008 was a memorable night at Barrymore’s.
Besides the buses being on strike, that couldn’t ruin a great show.
It was a home welcoming show for Ottawa’s favorite band The Acorn.
Also playing was Sleeping Pilot and Ohbijou.

Glad that I got a ride downtown to see them.
I would be sad missing this show!
There was a line up and I thought, it better not be.
But it was for Jon Lajoie at Babylon, so it wasn’t any of my concerns.
I was surprised to see alot of Asian people attending to this show.
Either Ohbijou or The Acorn or both are bringing in the Asian community.

The first band to play was Sleeping Pilot.
First time checking them out.
I know one of the member and his name is Scott Birdwise.
There is music is not what I expected.
But they sure liven up the crowd.
I didn’t mind it at all, just didn’t want to look foolish dancing like an idiot on the dancefloor.
I don’t know anything about the history of this band, but they are really talented.
There was one track they sand that I really liked. Just don’t know the name of the song.
Very loud and fun experience.

After them was Ohbijou.
I was so happy to see them live, I first heard them on CBC’s Q where they were the Friday’s live guest back in the summer of 2007.
Their music is so nice, and catchy.
I still can’t get St.Francis off my head.
Casey Mecija’s singing is so amazing to hear.
Something about this band just gets me loving them alot.
Can’t wait for the new album in Spring 2009.

Then The Acorn came on show for their home welcoming.
They have been touring for like a year pluggin “Glory Hope Mountain”.
Which is a great album and also plugging with split EP with Ohbijou.
Oh man they sure rocked the show.
My favorite is when they sang Plates and Saucers.
They did a Elvis Costello cover, not sure the name of it.
Mix of slow and fast tracks.
The crowds loved it.

The ending was Flood Pt.1 and it was everyone on stage singing it and having a fun time.
It was magical.

I am still in heaven from this show.
Even my friends loved it and said it is their best show to date.
It was interesting to see a diversity of people attending this.
New and old fans alike.

As I say, “BEST SHOW! of 2008”


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