The Balconies, The Golden Dogs and Male Nurse @ Black Sheep Inn

With various events that happened on February 26th.
I decided to head up to the Black Sheep Inn to see The BalconiesThe Golden Dogs and Male Nurse

What I love about the Balconies doing a show at the Black Sheep Inn, is that they will bring a bus to the venue for those that have no way in getting there.
Fun times talking to people who love or friends with The Balconies.

There was alot of people already at the Sheep.
It was a great turnout that evening.

The show started off with Male Nurse.
For those that don’t know Male Nurse is a Ottawa solo artist by Davey Bobabie.
Indie acoustic rock with catchy diddy tunes.
Interestingly enough during his set some guy yelled out to the crowds to be quiet.
A girl yelled back at him saying “HOW RUDE!”.
It was kind of funny but not sure if Paul the owner of the Blacksheep was really impressed with that.
Male Nurse @ Black Sheep Inn
Second was The Golden Dogs.
This was my first time hearing them.
Didn’t do any research or listen to what they sound like.
At first when they started, I thought it was the CD playing some weird disco-rock kind of song but it was the band playing in the dark.
It was a fun groovy track.
Love the band when they had out song titles at the side of the stage.
Very impress with The Golden Dogs.
The Golden Dogs @ Black Sheep Inn
Lastly it was the Balconies.
They always put on a great lively fun show.
Great to have people standing and dancing at the Black Sheep Inn.
Sang the usual tracks from the self-titled album.
Nice seeing the fans enjoy their music.
Mentioned that Serious Bedtime is going to be their official music video.
Can’t wait to see that
The Balconies @ Black Sheep Inn
Overall it was a show and being a late birthday celebration for my brother and I.
Totally had a fun time.
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