The Dirty Nil, Pup and Blackbread @ The House of Targ [August 30, 2013]

Still can’t believe August is coming to an end.
So on August 30th I decided to hit up two different shows and this was the first of it.
Playing at House of Targ were The Dirty NilPup and Blackbread

The Dirty Nil @ House of Targ
The Dirty Nil
Pup @ House of Targ
Blackbread @ House of Targ

Hadn’t been to Yogi’s Meat Locker in quite awhile. Last time was at Gaga Weekend about three years ago.
The place sure has changed with pinball and arcade games.

The show started off with Ottawa’s Blackbread.
Somehow I thought it was Blackbeard but the band put on a great loud punk rocking set.
The band consist of members from Klovenhoofs, Boom Creek, Fog Machine and many more.
Blackbread @ House of Targ
Toronto’s Pup who formally known was Topanga and it was the first time in Ottawa as the newly named band.
It was a wild and crazy set to say the least.
With each member trying to finish a big bottom of Jaegermeister in 26 minutes.
Definitely a great set and can’t wait for their album!

Pup @ House of Targ
Stefan and Steve of Pup rocking it out!

First time seeing The Dirty Nil and from the buzz I’ve been hearing about them.
They put on a great loud punk rock set!

The Dirty Nil @ House of Targ
The Dirty Nil is literally getting down and dirty! 😛

Overall with the place pack and sweaty hot.
You can say it ends off being a great Friday night.

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