The Gales – Aryll's Lookout (Review)

I finally got a chance to listen to this album.
The Gales are a Ottawa band and all the members are still in high school, how crazy is that?
The members are:

  • Nick Frosst
  • Bailey Stanutz
  • Everett Claridge
  • Ryan Tansley

On their Myspace, their music style is folk rock and Jpop (How is that possible since they don’t sing in Japanese?)
This album was out in 2008.
I am really amazed by this album musically and lyrically.
Considering how young this band is, you can tell its a fun record.

Their sound has that British/Canadian indie alternative-garage-punky-new wave-ska-raggae-rock-pop (I must have taken that Lily Allen’s approach on the LDN MV description of music genre she is looking for) influence ala Arctic Monkey, The Libertines, Lily Allen and other indie influences like Tokyo Police Club and Ruby Coast.
I could say they are the young version of Tokyo Police Club.

If you see them live at any shows, your jaws will drop on the floor.
Best tracks:

  • Rose Coloured Glasses
  • Cellophane
  • White Light
  • Lucky Joe

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