Think About Life @ Pop Montreal 2017

Is it 2009 at Pop Montreal?
One of the big shows that I was most excited about on September 16th.
It was the one night only reunion of Think About Life.
A band that broke up too early and they had it going with their high energetic indie dance rock music.
It was the original line up Martin Cesar, Graham van Pelt and drummer Matt Shane.
Also included was Caila Thompson-Hannant (Mozart Sister) and the Wizzard made appearance which was Brendan Reed.
Think About Life @ Pop Montreal 2017
Everyone and I who was at the show couldn’t contain their excitement by dancing, moshing, crowdsurfing and whipping their hairs when they performed tracks like Johanna, Havin’ My Baby, Young Hearts, Set You On Fire and so on!

Think About Life @ Pop Montreal 2017
Oh! Noah!
Think About Life @ Pop Montreal 2017
Proof that Sarah was crowd surfing!
Think About Life @ Pop Montreal 2017
OMG! It’s the Wizzard!!

The second last song which I totally forgot.
While it was a no-no but I had to jump on stage and dance.
Hey! Noah of Passovah went up and the band didn’t mind as long no one did anything insane!
Think About Life @ Pop Montreal 2017

They ended off with Sweet Sixteen.
It was unbelievable with the audience singing out loud.
When the show ended and the audience wanted an encore but Martin said the band couldn’t before of curfew (Ya right!).
The audience chanted the hook/chorus of Sweet Sixteen!
It was insane and definitely hands down my favorite show at Pop!!

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