Throw Back Song: F**ked Up – Police

Getting some hype for their return to Ottawa on May 9th.
This song came out in 2003, I feel like a Fucked Up newbie trying to go back into their old catalog.
For example, my first time listening to their compilation a few years ago.

Why did I choose this song as a throw back?
Do I want to get political because of what is happening in the USA at the moment?
But there is something about this song, that I am like “wow!”.
Naysayers will think this is just a loud noisy song!
Police is one of those thought provoking and terrifying songs, with lyrics like:
Sleeping on a bench the punch me in the chest just trying to get some sleep they throw me in a jeep
Don’t forget it’s a staple from their live shows!

Would you say this song can still hold the test of time?
For those curious about the cover:
Extracts from NYT Article: ”Paris, May 1968: The revolution that never was”:

The objectives were self-management by workers, a decentralization of economic and political power and participatory democracy at the grass roots. The great fear was that contemporary capitalism was capable of absorbing any and all critical ideas or movements and bending them to its own advantage. Hence, the need for provocative shock tactics… 
…Was this utopian impulse, as religious and political conservatives have often charged, a naïve and dangerous dream? It did not aim at human perfectibility but only at imagining that life could really be different and a whole lot better.
In any case, the utopian impulse is no longer much in evidence. Today’s dreams seem to be much more defensive in nature – damping down wars, fending off hunger, containing epidemics and preventing planetary destruction.

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