Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams [Review]

Hot Dreams by Timber Timbre.
What a interesting album cover.

Hot Dreams is the latest album from Timber Timbre which dropped on April Fool’s Day.
This album is still in the vain from Creep On Creepin On with the whole 60s doo-wop soul.
But this time with an added western cowboy darkness influence.
The album is all over the map but the creepiness is still intact.
You have the moody sensual feeling in Hot Dreams, who doesn’t like that saxophone part at the end?
Curtains!? when I heard the song, it reminded me of a Portishead track.
Grand Canyon you have wild west “yee-ha!” sound.
The New Tomorrow still maintains that dark creepy sound that was in Bad Ritual.
Maybe it will it take me alot of listens to like this album.
I still prefer going back to his self-titled album.
Who can’t get enough of the intimate dark feel of Demon Host and We’ll Find Out.
Overall Hot Dreams is more like a hot nightmare.
Available on Arts & Crafts and iTunes.
Best tracks:

I’d give Hot Dreams and 8/10.
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