Timber Timbre @ Ottawa Folk Festival 2012

On the second night (September 7th) of the Ottawa Folk Festival.
I decided to see “my favorite” artist Timber Timbre.
The show took place at the Tartan Homes stage.
It’s been awhile that Timber Timbre has played in Ottawa.
There was alot of young and hip people wanting to hear his blend of indie folk and blues mixed in with that eerie dark, twisted and spooky lyrical music.

Surprised it was just Taylor on stage this time solo.
Usually Simon Trottier (Autoharp, Lapsteel, Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Percussion, Loops, Sampler) and Mika Posen (Violin) would join him.
This was my first time seeing him solo.
It added that spookiness and darkness.
Taylor joked on how he was going to play for two hours.
Kind of missed hearing the keyboards on songs like Bad Ritual & Lay Down In The Tall Grass.

After the third song, more like half the people went over to the other stage to see Old Man Luedecke.
There was certain parts in the set where it was kind of quiet and you can hear the sound bleed of Old Man Luedecke going at it with his banjo.
There was one new song he played called “I Am Coming To Paris”.
A twisted song about coming to Paris to kill you.
Nice hearing Demon Host and Black Water.
But kind of missed hearing the sounds of the violin in some of his songs.
Overall the set was intimate in a dark kind of way.

Luckily I got the setlist. (Not sure how correct it is)
No Bold Villian
Bad Ritual

Trouble Comes Knocking
Magic Arrow
Lay Down In The Tall Grass
I am Coming To Paris
Lonesome Hunter
It’s Only Dark
Under Your Spell
Black water

Demon Host

There Is A Cure
I Get Low
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