Tops – Direct Sunlight [Listen]

Today, Montreal four-piece Tops are sharing single #4 from their forthcoming album I Feel Alive which comes out April 3, 2020 via their own label Musique TOPS.
“Direct Sunlight” is classic pop songwriting highlighted by bouncy synth stabs, the ever breezy vocals of Jane Penny, and even a whimsical flute solo.

About the song:
I went to this outdoor pool with Olympic style diving boards one summer day in Berlin, and when I tried to jump off the middle one, I think it was about 5 metres high, I really surprised myself when I realised that I’m terrified of heights.
My whole body entered this panicked state, the phobia kicked in right away, and I had to do the walk of shame down the ladder and back to the pool. I wanted to capture that duality, the way that even the sunniest days can have this underlying darkness to them, and how it’s not just the physical reaction to fear that casts the shadows, but more how the ever looming possibilities of loss or discontent are revealed.
I wrote this song to remind myself that it’s up to me to choose the perspective that I take.

Direct Sunlight gets:

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