Townes – Next to Me Anyways [Listen]

Ottawa artist Townes dropped a new track called Next To Me Anyways.
Fourth single of 2021 is a slow burning indie pop-rock tune that gets jumping half-way through.
Sort have this Tokyo Police Club vibe to it.

About the track:
Next To Me Anyways closes out his “Confetti Era”.
The song is lively and energetic, sounding like something that could come out of a Coming of Age film.
Featuring lyrics about out of touch CEOs and managers, the song was inspired by several of Townes’ experiences working an office job during the ongoing pandemic.

The track extends past the four minute mark, ending with a guitar solo that can only be described as Townes’ best yet.
This release continues to develop Townes’ indie rock sound by moving him further away from his original bedroom pop sound.
These songs were created with the return of live music in mind, which has since occurred in Townes’ home province of Ontario.

Next To Me Anyways gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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