Tron: Legacy – Music by Daft Punk (Review)

Anyone grew up watching the original Tron movie?
Is anyone going to watch the upcoming “Tron: Legacy“?
There is hype for the film but mostly so is the soundtrack by Daft Punk.
The soundtrack drops on December 7, 2010 (Before the movie hits theatres on December 17, 2010).

I for one haven’t seen the original movie but seen bits and pieces as a kid.
As a kid, it was kind of scary and terrifying.
But with the new movie, I am somewhat curious and its going to be in 3D.
Its twenty-two tracks of musical score for the movie.
If you are thinking that the soundtrack will sound like Daft Punk, you are totally wrong.
Its a mix of orchestral and electronica music.
There is that Daft Punk sound in the track Derezzed.
I was surprised the soundtrack features 85-piece orchestra.
The score is dark and highly intense.
The only vocals (technically talking/line from the movie) is the track The Grid which is “Oscar winner” Jeff Bridges character talking what is inside the world of Tron.
Its good for Daft Punk to venture into different music territories.
Gives you an insight on their creativity for Tron: Legacy.
If you are a big fan of the robotic duo, go get the soundtrack.
Or you should wait when you watch the movie and probably get the soundtrack.
The soundtrack will do for now for new Daft Punk material.
Listen to:

I’d give the soundtrack 8/10.

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