tUnE-yArDs – w h o k i l l [Review]

One of the most talked about albums releases in the first quarter of 2011 has to be tUnE-yArDs‘ w h o k i l l.
The album won’t drop until April 18th.
Most people have so far heard the leading track Bizness.
Had a listen on the ten tracks.

For those that don’t know who tUnE-yArDs is, it is the brain child of Merril Garbus (ex-Sister Suvi).
All I have to say that I am truly blown away with this new album.
At first I was afraid on what the new sound will be like.
When she recorded Birdbrains, it was just her solo lo-fi recording.
But being signed to 4AD has given her a lot of budget and creativity within her music.
Somehow I question if she gotten anyone from Montreal help her out on w h o k i l l?

I was blown away hearing the beginning track “My Country”.
Its a vibrant song with a lot of instrumentation and range of vocal.
While Es-so is another one of those cool instrumentation and vocal song.
Riotriot and Killa almost sounds like a M.I.A. track with that looping sample and funky beats.
Gangsta has that experimental hip-hop
Everytime I listen to Bizness, I always wonder she is a victim and doesn’t want her life taken away.
Made me wonder if her time in Montreal was really that bad?
There is the acoustic side when you listen to Wolly Wolly Gong which has that lullaby sound to it.
Would one say tUnE-yArDs will be the next Bjork?
I am not one for analyzing what kind of album it is, meaning if she is trying to be “political” on certain subjects like war, crime and the country.
I for one love the album with it’s creativity and production.
Feels like this album has more of a hip-hop experimental flavor than before.
I applaud for being daring.

Best tracks:

I’d give this album an 10/10.
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