Two Hours Traffic/Still Life Still @ Cafe Dekcuf

Sorry for not updating since I’ve been under the weather.
On November 19th, I went to Cafe Dekcuf and saw four bands.
It was also an all ages show
Playing there were:

  • Two Hours Traffic
  • Still Life Still
  • The Gallop
  • Taekwon Do No Show

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I was sort of late seeing the first band because I was hanging out with Still Life Still doing a interview which will be uploading very soon.
Got there and the band was already playing.
It was a unique just to say the least.
Can’t blame them since they are a new band and started out playing just over a month.

The Gallop was up next and they seem to bring in alot of people when they play.
Being an all ages show, there was an eleven year old girl was there just to see the Gallop, of course the mom was there.
They always put on a fun set.

Then Still Life Still was up and this was my fourth time this year seeing them live.
Set is always fun and crazy.
They sang two new songs and sang tracks from Girls Come Too.
Loved hearing Lite-Bright Lawns and sang T-shirt which my face will turn red when singing that song.
Great lively band to see.

Finally it was Two Hours Traffic.
I didn’t get to see them last month at Zaphods.
They seem to play a longer set.
Sang mostly from Little Jabs and Territory.
Liam mentioned how the last show, they didn’t get to play any of the songs at Zaphods due to the time curfew.
I was happy to see them even it was an all ages show.
They even sang Backseat Sweetheart as a request since it wasn’t on their setlist.
It was a wonderful set and I was glad to see them live this time.

Overall I really enjoyed it being an all ages show.
That the older crowds wouldn’t dare go to an all ages show but you can drink just having to wear a wristband.
Or that people were waiting in the movie theatres to watch New Moon.

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