Vampire Weekend – Only God Was Above Us [Streaming]

Today Vampire Weekend long-awaited fifth album, “Only God Was Above Us,” released via Columbia Recordsmarks a significant return to the sounds that enamored fans with “Modern Vampires of the City.” After the lukewarm reception of their previous album, “Father of the Bride,” this latest offering feels like a refreshing step in the right direction.

From the outset, it’s evident that Vampire Weekend has revisited the elements that made their earlier work so beloved. The album’s four singles, particularly “Gen-X Cops,” stand out as prime examples of the band’s signature sound. “Gen-X Cops” resonates with echoes of past hits like “Diane Young,” drawing listeners in with its infectious energy and catchy hooks.

What sets “Only God Was Above Us” apart is its homage to New York City. Through both its music and accompanying visuals, the album exudes a sense of nostalgia, capturing the essence of a bygone era. The found footage of retro New York City in the music videos for tracks like “Capricorn” and “Gen-X Cops” adds depth to the listening experience, transporting audiences to a different time and place.

While some may have been apprehensive after the mixed reception of their previous album, Vampire Weekend proves with “Only God Was Above Us” that they are capable of recapturing the magic that made them icons of indie rock. With its blend of familiar sounds and newfound nostalgia, this album is sure to delight both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Only God Was Above Us gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.