Viet Cong, Crosss and Un Blonde @ Bar Le Ritz PDB [January 30, 2015]

I was so lucky and excited to go to this hot and most talked about show in Montreal.
Literally the show was sold out that they weren’t selling tickets at the door.
I’m talking about the Viet Cong show at Bar Le Ritz PDB (Anyone know what PDB stands for?) and was presented by Blue Skies Turn Black.
First time stepping foot in Bar Le Ritz which was formally Il Motore and I like the new look with it’s colourful striped wall.
Viet Cong @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
Viet Cong absolutely played an awesome show.
Words can’t explain it.
The band is promoting their critically acclaim self-titled debut album.
You can say thanks to Pitchfork with all the buzz they are getting.
It was mix of the “Cassette” EP and the self-titled album.
I was in heaven hearing Oxygen Feed, Unconscious Melody, March of Progress and the 11 minute epic Death.
I was very glad to be at that show.
Viet Cong @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
The second band was Crosss.
It was great to see this band open up for Viet Cong.
I’ve seen this band play various times with their psych-rock.
Really enjoyed their set.
Crosss @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
The first band to play was Montreal’s Un Blonde.
They had that indie pop funkedelic vibe to it.
Or as I heard in the audience, “Un Blonde sounded like Bruno Mars”.
Un Blonde @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
This was definitely one of my favorite shows in 2015.
Click below for more photos.
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