Wavelength 15 @ Polish Combatants Hall [February 14, 2015]

The second night of Wavelength 15 took place at the Polish Combatant Hall on Valentine’s Day.
While I want to gag myself with a ladle with the romantic stuff.
That place reminds me of Dom Polski but more nicer.
It was a great night of the bands I wanted to see play.

Jonny Dovercourt @ Wavelength 15
Jonny Dovercourt the artistic director of Wavelength Music.

The night started off with Toronto’s Ginla
Ginla @ Wavelength 15
First time seeing them. They had a experimental ambient electronica sound. Somehow I felt they were trying to be BBNG. It was a good set.

The second band was Last Ex.
Last Ex @ Wavelength 15
Kind of forget they were playing at this festival. Since I saw them a few weeks ago at Megaphono. This time they were a trio. It was kind of decent set due to technical problems on Simon’s guitar. The church show I saw was far better. But still was a great set.

The third band was Del Bel.
Del Bel @ Wavelength 15
It was the band’s self-titled/eponymous album release. They sort of played a ok set but due to sound problems it kind of got lost. Being V-Day, they performed an Al Green cover which felt forced. You can feel the frustrations from the band and the audience.

The fourth band was the anticipated semi-reunion of Ottawa’s The Acorn.
The Acorn @ Wavelength 15
Finally the wait was over for the newly formed The Acorn. This was their first show in quite some time. Rolf (who wore a parka at the start of the show) and co performed alot of new materials from the upcoming album Vieux Loup. There was a bit of Silkken Laumann left into the new materials but more in a rock way. Without being V-Day, cheeky Rolf had to throw a handful of condoms into the audience. It was a great show to test out the new songs for the Torontoians.

Finally Lowell ended off the show.
Lowell @ Wavelength 15
Finally it was Lowell turn to perform on stage. I didn’t stay too long, I was very happy that she started off with Cloud 69. After that things got disastrous because there wasn’t anything coming out of her equipment and laptop. She did play something at the piano and used a megaphone. Could have stayed abit longer but at that time I was already feeling tired.

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