Wavelength 15 @ Sneaky Dee’s [February 13, 2015]

This past weekend I headed up to Toronto (No I haven’t become a Torontoian) for Wavelength Music Festival.
It was their 15 Anniversary and I was very curious to check it out.
This was actually my first time attending their showcases. (Does festival showcases count?)
WL 15 was three nights of Toronto acts performing at different venues and to show what Toronto had to offer in this big music community they have.

Jonny Dovercourt of Wavelength
Jonny Dovercourt who is the artistic director of Wavelength

The first night of the festival took place at Sneaky Dee’s.
You can say the theme of the night was the “past”.
Starting the show was “Classic Wavelength/Toronto Song Tribute Sets”.
The set featured:
The Skeletons Four playing Jim Guthrie.

The Skeletons Four @ Sneaky Dee's
The one and only Jim Guthrie was in attendance during this set.

More or Les playing Toronto Hip-Hop Classics

More or Les @ Sneaky Dee's
Played some Toronto classic hip-hop which I wasn’t familiar with.
More or Les @ Sneaky Dee's
Wasn’t until the third song, where More or Les got members of Toronto’s Hip-Hop Karaoke with Thrust to sing “Northern Touch”. That was when everyone went crazy!!

Lockbox which is Laura Barrett new project playing Owen Pallett.

Lockbox @ Sneaky Dee's
They put a new spin on three great Owen Pallett classics.

Hervana playing The Constantines.

Hervana @ Sneaky Dee's
The all girl Nirvana cover band did they own loud rocking spin on classic The Constantines songs

Delta Will playing Caribou

Delta Will @ Sneaky Dee's
The band did a wonderful job on one Manitoba track and two Caribou tracks. Got some people dancing!

Most People playing Broken Social Scene.

Most People @ Sneaky Dee's
They did a unique take on classic BSS on Lover’s Spit and 7/4 Shoreline.

After that wonderful set was Art Bergmann.
Performed a really long set.
Due to that, I didn’t stay around to see Controller.Controller’s long awaited reunion set.
Art Bergmann @ Sneaky Dee's
This ended off the first night of Wavelength 15.
Click below for more photos.
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