We Live As We Die @ Gallery 101

Gallery 101 held their opening exhibition/vernissage for We Live As We Die.
This exhibition curated by Sakinna Gairey and co-presented with Ottawa Black Art Kollective (OBAK).
We Live As We Die @ Gallery 101
About the exhibition:
Historically, Black communities and their members have had an intimate and proximate relationship with the end of life and arrival of death. Through burial practices, rituals, tributes, and art we grieve and celebrate our dead with a holistic understanding of what life and death signify.
We Live As We Die @ Gallery 101
We Live As We Die seeks to open up the concept of grief as an entity considerate of race and culture.
This exhibit looks to gently explore the complex truths of grief for and with Black people.
We Live As We Die @ Gallery 101
How our expressions of grief reflect how we experience life and death. How we use that moment to reclaim their personhood. How we make space to memorialize and celebrate what has to be remembered as more than an existing and ending, and instead, as the completion of a full and complicated journey.

We Live As We Die @ Gallery 101
The exhibition runs until October 22, 2022.


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