Wicked Night at Pressed with Dirty Frigs, The Yips & Wicked Witches [November 8, 2014]

Déjà vu all over again but it was an awesome show!
It didn’t occurred to me that this was the same lineup back on February 8, 2014.
At least at this show I got to see all three bands which were Dirty Frigs, The Yips and Wicked Witches at Pressed.
Dirty Frigs @ Pressed
All I have to say that Dirty Frigs is getting better live.
The band played an awesome loud psych-garage rock music.
Performed tracks from their self-titled EP.
So unbelievable the lead singer Bri can belt it out loud!
I really hope this band will explode in 2015.
Dirty Frigs @ Pressed
The Yips played a great set as always.
No new materials yet but they always captivate a live show for the Ottawa scene.
The Yips @ Pressed
Wicked Witches was the first band to play.
They played a great experimental bluesy garage rock set.
Really enjoyed rocking out to their music.
Wicked Witches @ Pressed
All three band put on a kick-ass performances.
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