Will Butler + Sister Squares – Arrow of Time [Music Video]

Today Will Butler + Sister Squares dropped the music video for Arrow of Time.
The third single is taken from the upcoming self-titled album which comes out on September 22, 2023 via Merge Records.
A cool retro 80s sounding experimental pop rock tune.

About the track by Will:
“People really liked this when we played it; a few people at the merch table were like, ‘Which record is this song on?’” says Butler.
Inspired by A Brief History of Time, Errol Morris’ acclaimed documentary about Stephen Hawking, “Arrow of Time” offers an otherworldly groove so irresistible it nearly creates its own gravitational pull.

“Hawking describes the concept, in paraphrase, as ‘you might see a teacup fall off a table and smash into bits, but you never see the bits come back together.

Or if you did, you would instantly be aware that time is running backwards,’” Butler explains.
“Lyrically, I feel like I was maybe trying to write a Pixies song about that idea — ‘Here comes your man,’ but instead of something coming, it’s just everything slowly dissolving into heat energy.”

Arrow of Time gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.