Old Man Luedecke @ Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre‏ on Dec 2, 2012

If you want to hear and see some great Bluegrass, Alternative country, Folk and banjo music.
Why not check out East Coast musician Old Man Luedecke and opening up will be Hamilton’s Grey Kingdom.

Both musicians are currently promoting their new album.
Old Man Luedecke is promoting Tender Is the Night.
Grey Kingdom is promoting Light, I’ll Call Your Name Out “Darkness”.
Thanks to the nice people at Blackbox Conccert Series.
They are giving away a pair of ticket for the show on December 2nd.
If you want to win it, comment on the bottom with your name and email.
One lucky winner will get to see this great concert.
Contest ends on November 30th. Better hurry.

Here is a music video for both acts.

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  1. Janine

    I could use a good banjo-pick-me-up in the middle of exam season 🙂 … glad he’s going to be back in town!

  2. Bobby

    First time I heard “I quit my Job’ I ACTUALLY quit my job. Old Man rustles my jimmies in ways that only very well designed machinery has been able to do.

  3. Suzanne Hayes

    It would be wonderful to see Old Man Luedecke live! I love his music so much, “Big group breakfast” and “wake up hill” are by far my favorite, and I hope his new album brings me more favorites!

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